As a professional, I use specialist equipment for the job in hand.  Heavy cotton canvas worksheets protect your flooring whilst a taylor made soot cloth is used to seal the opening whilst I sweep. Thus ensuring the soot from your chimney/flue does not escape into the room. The soot is then transferred into an industrial vacuum which possesses three layers of filtration.  Soot is carcinogenic, so it's extremely important we protect our customers as well as ourselves!  


A standard procedure after your chimney/flue has been swept.  We need to ensure your chimney is functioning correctly before I leave. By checking visually with a purpose made smoke pellet, I can check the smoke & harmful fumes are evacuating the appliance via your chimney & not filling your homeIt can also identify many faults the chimney/flue/pots may have.


Please note: This is not a smoke test.    


From time to time we sometimes look up at chimneys & see birds sitting on the pots. Well.. This is what they are most likely up to!  Jackdaws are the usual suspects for creating the nest shown. If you notice a twig or two in your fireplace that have just magically appeared, you'd be wise to contact me before you light your first fire of the season. I can efficiently remove the nest and advise you of how to prevent it happening again. Please note:  By law I am unable to remove bird nests in the breeding season (April to September) as the eggs/chicks are protected.  For more information visit the RSPB. http://www.rspb.org.uk/advice/law/whatsintheroof/removal.aspx 




Is your chimney pot looking a little worse for wear or even broken?  Has your flaunching degraded and letting water into your chimney?  I can supply and fit a wide range of chimney pots and also remove & re-flaunch existing pots.   Call or email us for free advice and quotations.  


Tel:  01642 842 962 / 07583 00 1066  

Email:  wintermantle.sweeps@gmail.com 



Prevention is better than cure in most cases..  The picture shown is of a bird guard, they come in all shapes and sizes to fit most chimney pots.  Supply and fitting is available, so please feel free to contact Wintermantle Chimney Sweeps for advice and a competitive quotation. 

SERVICE & REPAIRS - solid fuel only

Keep your stove, range or open fire in tiptop condition.  We're not just chimney sweeps, we can service you appliance too!  Full service, rope seals or a broken part needed? Contact us for friendly advice on what you may require.  

Gr8fires is an online retailer of woodburning & multifuel stoves.

The site has plenty of helpful articles, advice, blog & fact sheets.



Stovesonline will design your insulated chimney liner system for you for free. Just fill out their application form and let them do the work!



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