Chimney Sweeping Prices 2020/2021

All prices are given as a guideline.  If a birds nest or blockage is discovered within the chimney flue, there will be an addition charge for this service. 

Wood Burning, Multifuel & Pellet Stoves


  • £50.00      With an lined chimney.
  • £55.00      With an unlined chimney.


Unlined chimneys can not be swept through an access point in the stove pipe.  There must be access, either through the register plate above the appliance or through a soot door in the chimney brest itself.  


Open Fire Places


  • £50.00       Standard small open fire.
  • £55.00       Large open fire.
  • £70.00       Inglenooks. 

Inglenooks that have hoods and unlined chimneys will need to have access to the chimney via a soot door within the register plate.


AGA, Rayburn, ESSE.. etc


  • £50.00      Lined flue swept - Only.
  • £55.00      Unlined flue swept - Only.
  • £70.00      Full clean of internal chambers and lined flue swept.     ​(Solid fuel)
  • £75.00      Full clean of internal chambers and unlined flue swept .(Solid fuel)

Please contact me if you have a large inglenook chimney with a range. 




Biomass Boiler Flues.


  • From £50.00

Biomass boiler flues will only be swept if the boiler is turned off and had sufficient time to cool.  We can't sweep the flue way if it's still hot. It is also advisable to have the boiler serviced by a Biomass HETAS Engineer while it is turned off.

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