History of a Lucky Sweep



Since Pagan times, the image of fire and the hearth will always be associated with luck. It is said that when the newly wedded bride inherited her fire irons she symbolically inherited her home and family. The blackened face of a true chimney sweep and his/her relationship with the fire and hearth is one of the reasons why he/she carries the luck where ever they may go. If you come into contact with a genuine chimney sweep the luck is said to rub off onto you too!!


A piece of coal is also a lucky omen,especially when given to you by a chimney sweep.  This again, in connection with the fire and hearth.  Soldiers and sailors where know to keepa piece of coal tucked in their pocket to ensure their survival while in battle. 



It is also said that some 200 years ago, King George II was travelling through the crowded streets of London in his Royal carriage when something spooked one of his horses causing it to bolt.  The out of control steed was eventually brought to a halt after a brave chimney sweep stepped out from the crowd into its path to grab the reins.


After the commotion, a shaken King George II stepped from his royal carrage to see a young chimney sweep calming his two horses.. He called upon the sweep to thank him and by Royal decree, proclaimed that all chimney sweeps, from that day forward are to be a bearer of good luck and treated with the utmost of respect! The folklore was firmly established and chimney sweeps are time and time again invited to weddings to kiss the bride and wish the couple luck.

Male or Female sweep to wish you luck on your special day.
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